About Us

As Your Fully Integrated Supply Chain Partner, Crestwood Technology Group (CTG) provides the Right Readiness at the Right Cost.

CTG is an AS9120 Aerospace Small Business. We specialize in Material, Sourcing and Procurement, and Logistics Solutions. Our Corporate Office and Distribution Center is located in Yonkers, NY. CTG is a group of seasoned and dedicated professionals with a broad range of backgrounds in government, military, and aviation.

Our people are our most valuable resource and we are committed to providing unmatched performance and service to our customers and industry partners.

Our company culture is aligned to providing our customers with Fully Integrated Supply Chain Solutions at the best value.

Our people are our most valuable resource.
What We Do

CTG provides full spectrum Supply Chain Solutions. Our core competency is our ability to provide affordable, compliant solutions to meet your requirements and performance expectations.

CTG will serve as your single integrator for Inventory Management, IT, Procurements, Suppliers and Distribution.

By performing these functions and ensuring seamless and uninterrupted service, our customers can focus on their primary mission.

Our unmatched Quality Assurance and Counterfeit Avoidance processes and procedures fully mitigate risk for our customers. Our many value added services can be tailored specifically to our customers’ environment, allowing them to exceed their objectives.

How We Do It
CTG provides our customers with tailorable and scalable Supply Chain Solutions

Solutions built around the integration of three key components, Material, Sourcing and Procurement, and Logistics Solutions, that are designed to meet our customer’s requirements and performance standards.

Material – Material can be provided for immediate requirements up to full environments, meeting emergent requirements as they occur or entering into BPAs (Blanket Purchase Agreements) for long-term sustainment requirements.

Sourcing and Procurement – Our expertise is in sourcing your requirements from our compliant vendor base, validating and certifying that the material meets all technical requirements and then using our agile procurement methods to deliver your material on time, every time.

Logistics Solutions – We provide value added services to ensure we are fully integrated with your operations. We can kit, assemble, bond material for just in time (JIT) delivery or provide total asset visibility to help lean your processes.


Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Related Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
Hardware Merchant Wholesalers
Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers
Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
Business to Business Electronic Markets
Testing Laboratories
Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)

Our corporate culture and unparalleled customer service has positioned CTG as the preferred Integrated Supply Chain Partner of industries with the most stringent standards, including the US Armed Services, Commercial Aviation, and the Medical Marketplace.

Our procedures, processes, and company culture have been derived from the customers we serve.

We at CTG understand the challenges faced daily in managing and sustaining the flow of material and services in industrial environments.

The value we bring in areas of affordability, sustainability and quality control are Best in Class.

Our unrelenting commitment to Quality and Perfect Order Fulfillment is unrivaled in the industry.

We are committed to reducing the cost of acquisition, improving time to market, and mitigating risk, allowing our customers to utilize their internal resources for other strategic areas in their organizations.

Our unrelenting commitment to Quality and Perfect Order Fulfillment is unrivaled in the industry.