Our primary focus is to ensure every item that passes through our facility goes through our Complete Quality Assurance process.

Our processes and procedures are directly in line and in accordance with all industry standards.

We have put in place a multi-level process to ensure physical quality of the material and the authentication of the part’s integrity and pedigree. CTG is committed to the goal of 100% Quality, 100% Accuracy and 100% Delivery every time.

At CTG, all of our inspectors are credentialed by and maintain an IDEA ICE 3000 Certification for electronic components as well as trained to an AS9120A Quality Manual.

Complete list of CTG’s Quality Certifications

CTG’s Lab & Test Facilities

Certified Inspection Process

CTG’s Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy

Crestwood Technology Group shall continually improve and review their internal processes by focusing on Product Quality, Internal and External Communications, Customer Satisfaction, Process Efficiencies, and Employee Training in order to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for Quality and On Time Delivery.

CTG shall take steps to prevent the procurement, acceptance, and shipment of substandard and counterfeit product.

Certified Inspection Process