Counterfeit Avoidance & Risk Mitigation

Since our inception, CTG has continually invested in infrastructure, including our state of the art Counterfeit Avoidance Lab.

With the consolidation of franchised distribution in the late 90’s, coupled with the off-shore movement of Contract Manufacturing, counterfeit parts reached epidemic proportions and began to plague the U.S. industrial base, particularly the Department of Defense (DoD). Post OIF/OEF (Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom) fiscal constraints have slowed DoD Modernization programs forcing the military to sustain legacy equipment into the future compounding obsolescence issues and increasing the risk of non-compliant or counterfeit material in the Supply Chain.

With great foresight, CTG positioned itself at the forefront of counterfeit detection technology and is uniquely positioned to assist the industry with supporting Legacy Platforms. Our proactive obsolescence management programs require the latest technologies and capabilities to provide fully compliant material every time. Our ability to source obsolete material and provide the necessary testing to ensure the pedigree is unsurpassed. Our counterfeit avoidance lab and our working relationships with government approved test labs make us the most compliant solution to obsolescence issues in the country.

Counterfeit Avoidance
CTG's Labs
CTG's Labs