Defense and Aerospace Markets
The Defense and Aerospace markets have been the cornerstone of CTG. We are dedicated to serving our extensive customer base in this sector with our complete line of services.

Whether it’s finding a piece part, an alternate part number, remanufacturing a part, providing 3D printing services, or performing full spectrum Bill of Material analysis, CTG is poised to be your force multiplier.

As we transition from an era of readiness at any cost to an era of the right readiness at the right cost, CTG will provide Cost Wise Readiness solutions.

As an AS9120 Aerospace Certified facility, CTG provides the integration of Material, Sourcing and Procurement, and Logistics Solutions for the DoD, related agencies, and subcontractors. We serve as the strategic connection between manufacturers and customers on a large variety of platforms and programs.

Our solutions based approach has positioned us as a leading supplier of board level components, peripherals, and higher assemblies.

We have extensive experience in Proactive Obsolescence Management on many aging and Legacy Platforms.

CTG’s focus and core competency starts and ends with strict adherence to the requirement. We are aligned with DoD’s desire to move towards Performance Based Agreements and can provide agile contracting mediums that are consistent with DoD’s Better Buying Power 3.0 initiative.


  • Electronic Systems
  • Fixed Wing/Rotorcraft
  • Flight/Missile Systems
  • FMS (Foreign Military Sales)
  • Ground Vehicles Navigation/Guidance
  • Precision Weapons Radar/Communications
  • Shipboard


Your Fully Integrated Supply Chain Partner

The primary focus of CTG's material strategy is to have the most applicable material, in sufficient quantity and quality, to support our customers’ Legacy Platforms. CTG maintains one of the largest inventories of hard to find parts in the industry. We continue to build our inventory to ensure supportability and sustainability for all platforms.

If we don't have your requirement on hand, we will find it!

Sourcing and Procurement
CTG is an industry leader in sourcing hard to find and obsolete material.

Through our vast approved sub-tier vendor base we can provide the sources for the most challenging readiness requirements. Our sourcing models allow us to source material as well as a variety of strategic and cost effective value added services.

CTG provides agile procurement mediums that can help reduce the cost of acquisition and improve Procurement Action Lead Times (PALT). Our acquisition practices provide the bridge that helps reduce time from market to your production floor. Many companies are engineering centric and do not consider procurement as a strategic core function. CTG's Fully Integrated Supply Chain Solutions start with the procurement cycle and end with disposal.

Defense and Aerospace Markets

Logistics Solutions
Our distribution solutions include warehousing, inventory management and transportation solutions. We provide affordable alternatives to traditional Supply Chain operations, enabling your Supply Chain. CTG as your Integrator will allow you to focus more on your core competency and less on your Supply Chain.

Proactive Obsolescence Management

Current budget constraints have placed limits on DoD’s Modernization programs. Production delays of the Joint Strike Fighter, for example, have put many of the Services and our coalition partners in untenable positions. They have responded by either extending the service life of many aircraft or extending procurement programs for Legacy aircraft.

Obsolete material is the by-product of extensions in the procurement cycle beyond the originally planned production cycle, thus, creating DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages).

Manufacturers have inherently discontinued necessary product offerings inside the DoD for other more viable markets to their interests.

CTG's capabilities to source this DMSMS material have successfully affected the short and long term sustainment and affordability of many of these Legacy Platforms. Read More

We at CTG are experts at sustainability assessments, real-time market analysis and most importantly, providing compliant sources and availability to the most challenging material requirements. The costs avoided will be significant, risk will be mitigated and the Program or Platform will continue to be supported. Close

Value Added Services

CTG's performance has significantly increased due to our flexibility as a company including our value added services. Our customers' diverse environments call for solutions ranging from simple logistic functions to complex technical applications.

Our Value Added Services has differentiated us from your average supplier to a Fully Integrated Supply Chain Partner. By entering into Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) and Volume Purchase Agreements (VPAs) we take full ownership of the management and flow of our customers’ material needs over long periods of time. Read More

Our Kitting & Assembly Group consolidates material under a customer driven Statement of Work (SOW). This allows material to be prepared and ready to drop to the production floor, eliminating multiple requisitions with one purchase order. Close

Defense and Aerospace Markets

Inventory Management/ Material with No Demand

Sequestration and other budget reductions have put pressure on all DoD Agencies and subcontractors to be more efficient, while simultaneously supporting an operationally ready force. As the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has pointed out, DoD can no longer afford to carry excess material as Just In Case inventories.

For many years, CTG has offered Inventory Management Programs to our customers. We offer a variety of alternative programs that will match our customers’ expectations.

Third-Party Supply Chain Management (3PL) Services

CTG's procurement specialists are experts at providing cost effective acquisition solutions for any material requirement. Our services can be scaled to any customer's environment. These services go beyond logistics and include value added services related to the production or procurement of goods.

CTG can meet or exceed expectations in a faster and more cost effective way than a company could do itself. CTG will become an Integrated Supply Chain Partner focusing on cost reducing initiatives and improving all logistics metrics. Read More

Our goal is to ensure total Quality and perfect order fulfillment is met.

We are comfortable operating under Performance Based Agreements (PBAs), and we measure our performance regularly to ensure our model of continuous improvement is continually met. Close