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For many years CTG has been a trusted Fully Integrated Supply Chain Partner to many of the largest Prime Government Contractors in the U.S.

Through teaming/partnership agreements and a variety of contract vehicles CTG can provide support through a broad portfolio of capabilities. These range from engineering solutions, equipment services, and third-party supply chain management (3PL).

CTG will take full ownership of any initiative and provide fact based analysis, acquisition, risk mitigation and committed sustainment support.

The effect of our better buying initiatives will reduce costs, improve readiness and allow our customer to focus more directly on their core business. We have extensive experience in the language of a government contract and understand the FAR/DFAR and related compliance requirements. Our experience ranges from Federal/Government Agencies to Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and has no limitation in scope.

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3PL Services

CTG's procurement specialists are experts at providing cost effective acquisition solutions for any material requirements. Our services can be scaled to any customer's environment. These services go beyond logistics (i.e. warehousing, distribution, etc.) and include value added services related to the production or procurement of goods.

CTG can meet or exceed expectations in a faster and more cost effective way than a company could do itself. Read More

CTG will become an Integrated Supply Chain Partner focusing on cost reducing initiatives and improving all logistics metrics.

All material procurements will travel through our AS9120 Aerospace Certified processes and procedures before leaving our facility, ensuring validity of your parts. Our goal is to ensure total Quality and perfect order fulfillment is met. We are comfortable operating under Performance Based Agreements (PBAs). We measure our performance regularly to ensure our model of continuous improvement is continually met. Close

Kitting & Assembly

Kitting & Assembly is a 3PL service CTG specializes in. Kitting is the process of supplying a Bill of Materials (BOM) under one part number, issuing exactly counted and labeled materials needed to build an assembly. This eliminates the direct costs and risks of sourcing, procurement and material handling.

CTG will limit the amount of purchase orders a buyer would have to create as well as save time on sourcing a BOM. Read More

This service will help avoid costs, increase warehouse storage space and improve material yields/fill rates. Our technology driven process will meet and exceed your mission requirements and reduce your total cost of readiness. We can procure, kit, and deliver to your requirement, on time and on target. Close

Last Time Buys

Rapid technology changes have increasingly become more problematic over the last 20 years,

specifically to the Military sector. The current federal fiscal environment has driven several OEMs to shift their emphasis toward the international marketplace and away from the U.S. Military marketplace. If Last Time Buys become necessary, CTG can provide an unencumbered channel to the manufacturer. Read More

We have extensive experience in the process of negotiating Last Time Buys with the manufacturer and developing alternate solutions through die banks and packaging houses. We can offer value added solutions to potentially bond a portion of the material to eliminate the significant costs associated with carrying large quantities of inventory at the OEM level. Our relationships with many of the large electronics manufacturers allow us to reduce risk and costs associated with this critical type of procurement. Close