Medical Industry
As Your Fully Integrated Supply Chain Partner, CTG recognizes and takes responsibility for Quality Assurance within the highly regulated Medical Industry.

We understand the rigors and complexities of the Medical Instrumentation manufacturing environment.

In conjunction with our Department of Defense customers, we have driven a culture of continuous improvement and apply impeccable attention to quality control at its highest level.

Medical Industry

With design, development, and manufacturing in many cases being outsourced, CTG understands how to bring value to the Supply Chain by providing material life cycle support at all levels.

Whether the requirement calls for small quantities of components for a prototype, mid-tier quantities for short manufacturing runs, or distribution support for high volume production, CTG can support or assume all aspects of the Supply Chain.

Our Supply Chain Solutions are built to provide effective, sustainable and reliable alternatives to problematic logistic problems. We provide cost efficient resolution to costly alternatives.

Our Quality Assurance fully mitigates our customers’ risk of non-compliance.


  • 3-D Mapping
  • CT Scan
  • Defibrillators
  • Endomechanical Instruments
  • Energy/Vascular Devices
  • ICDs
  • ICU/OR Equipment
  • Nuclear and Molecular Imaging
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Radiography
  • Ventilators
  • X-Ray


Material Acquisition Obstacles

CTG recognizes the challenges presented to the Supply Chain of the medical industry. May it be the delivery issues surrounding critical components to go to market with a new product, or the diminishing availability of material on an aging product that still has demand.

CTG specializes in stocking these critical components with lead time issues and maintains a large stock of aging components that are unavailable through traditional distribution channels.

We can effectively support both ends of the spectrum, from delivery issues to obsolescence, while reducing cost and improving time to market.

Bill of Material Analysis

In the fast paced engineering community of the medical marketplace, thorough fact-based analysis of material cost and most importantly, availability, can sometimes be evaluated improperly.

Inaccurate data and limited understanding of market conditions can cause catastrophic consequences in the life span of a piece of equipment, critical to the profitability of a company. System redesign or replacement due to piece part obsolescence is a key cost driver for this scenario. We are experts at sustainability assessments, real-time market analysis and most importantly, providing compliant sources and availability of the most challenging material requirements.

Integrated Supply Chain Partner

CTG thoroughly recognizes the trend in the medical marketplace of outsourcing board level component manufacturing.

CTG is a highly certified supplier in good standing with most of the CEM/EMS providers nationally. We understand the dynamic relationship between the OEM and their contract manufacturer. We have extensive experience in supporting the engineering communities, procurement departments, and subcontractors of both entities simultaneously. CTG will provide the bridge between the OEM and their manufacturing partners for any and all material requirements.