Our Lab Facilities & Testing Capabilities

The cost of one lot of counterfeit components is exorbitant and requires numerous man-hours to remedy.

This can delay the delivery of product resulting in penalties and loss of credibility with your customer, hurting your chance of repeat contracts and future business.

Our screening process mitigates the risk, giving you peace of mind with your order, production schedule, and deliverables.

In order to complement our best in class testing capabilities, CTG has aligned themselves with the top government approved labs in the country.

These relationships are utilized for higher levels of testing, and most importantly bring an additional level of objectivity to the equation. These third party industry preferred companies maintain full transparency with CTG and the program or platform requiring the analysis. The levels of testing available will mitigate risk to the highest level and ensure a compliant device each and every time.

CTG Labs and Facilities


Thermo Fisher Scientific XL3T700 – measures metallurgical composition for RoHS compliance and lead finish/plating verification.


Creative Electron TruView Elite 180-3 – provides real-time imaging for non-destructive inspection of electronic component comparative analysis against verified component images.


Nisene Jet Etch II – employs a destructive process for plastic packages which exposes the component die for full microscopic, visual inspection.


Thermo Electron S10 Spectrometer – provides comparative analysis using light spectroscopy to ensure plastic package material composition homogeneity.


3532-50 LCR Hitester – measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance for tolerance verification at ambient temperature.


Ascentech Gen 3 Must System III – measures “wetting” to determine the ability of the termination to form a uniform, smooth film of solder to ensure excellent adhesion properties.


OKOS Vue400 – utilizes high frequency ultrasound to provide a non-destructive microscopic evaluation of a solid’s interior physical properties, including defects such as cracks, delaminations and voids.

CTG Labs and Facilities


Thermal Product Solutions Lab Oven – provides capability to bake and dry pack components that require moisture sensitive packing requirements.


Hirox 2.1M Pixels CCD Camera – provides high resolution microscopic imaging for die inspection using high-resolution digital cameras with up to 3000x magnification.


Xeltek Superpro 5000 – provides capability to verify that programmable devices have not been pre-programmed.


ABI Sentry Counterfeit IC Detector – detects the unique electrical signature (PinPrint) of the leads on a dip package device for use in comparative analysis with a verified known good device.

For additional details, contact us to request a copy of our Statement of Capabilities. Inspection Reports are available to all OEM customers.