Inventory Management

Consign Your Excess.
Sell Your Surplus.
Control Your Costs.

CTG’s Inventory Management Program helps you reduce the amount of excess assets in your supply chain. Surplus material limits valuable resources, increases costs and reduces profitability. Our solutions, on the other hand, achieve greater productivity and ROI for our clients.

CTG executes a comprehensive inventory management strategy that includes removal coordination, logistics, environmental compliance, risk mitigation and data protection. This strategy, in turn, eases operation gridlock, minimizes production losses and maximizes ROI.

Inventory Services:

  • Consignment (Virtual or Onsite)
  • Whole lot and line item purchase
  • Onsite bin management
  • Bonded inventory

Challenges of Surplus Inventory

  • Restricted operating funds
  • Higher carrying costs
  • Limited warehouse space
  • Less efficient use and distribution of human resources
  • Excess material stands in direct opposition to the principles of lean manufacturing
  • Reduces profitability of a program or product

Benefits of CTGs Inventory Management Program

  • CTG Analysts skillfully assess key material in your excess inventory & launch a re-marketing campaign.
  • Eliminate costs associated with carrying surplus material
  • Free up capital for operating funds
  • Increase warehouse space for production material
  • Increase productivity
  • Use human resources more effectively
  • On-site bin management
  • Maximize ROI by Selling Excess inventory
  • Consignment: Store surplus in our AS9120 Aerospace Certified Facility while we market to a new database of buyers.