Lab & Testing Facility

Our best-in-class lab and testing facility is complemented by our partnerships with government-approved labs in the U.S.



Fisher X-Ray XDAL 237- measures functional coatings in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Thermo Fisher Scientific XL3T700 – measures metallurgical composition for RoHS compliance and lead finish/plating verification.


TruView Prime powered by the TruView 10 Premium Source 130 provides real-time imaging for non-destructive inspection of electronic component comparative analysis against verified component images.

Decapsulation & Die Verification

Nisene Jet Etch II – employs a destructive process for plastic packages which exposes the component die for full microscopic, visual inspection.


Thermo Electron S10 Spectrometer – provides comparative analysis using light spectroscopy to ensure plastic package material composition homogeneity.


3532-50 LCR Hitester measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance for tolerance verification at ambient temperature.

Automated Solderability

Ascentech Gen 3 Must System III – measures “wetting” to determine the ability of the termination to form a uniform, smooth film of solder to ensure excellent adhesion properties.

Acoustic Microscopy

OKOS Vue400 – utilizes high frequency ultrasound to provide a non-destructive microscopic evaluation of a solid’s interior physical properties, including defects such as cracks, delaminations and voids.

Microscopy Inspection

RH-2000 Microscope provides high resolution microscopic imaging for die inspection using high-res digital cameras up to 5000x magnification.

Heat Treatment

Thermal Product Solutions Lab Oven – provides capability to bake and dry pack components that require moisture sensitive packing requirements.

Optical Comparator

Starrett optical comparator provides measurements that are projected on a screen at a precisely-known magnification.