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Keeping fleets and systems operational, ready and safe.

From Parts to Partnerships™

At CTG (Crestwood Technology Group), we believe in a safe landing for every take-off, a secure transmission for every signal, a reliable return for every departure and a successfully completed mission. It’s why we do what we do. The systems that keep our families, neighborhoods and nation safe are only as dependable as the parts they’re made of. From parts to partnerships, we take pride in keeping fleets and systems operational, ready and safe.

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What We Do

Keeping fleets and systems operational, ready and safe.

CTG supplies the government & defense and commercial aviation industries with critical parts, materiel and obsolescence management solutions. We are a leading supplier to many of the world’s largest airlines, MRO’s, aircraft manufacturers and distributors. We offer testing and inspection services through our IDEA-certified lab for risk mitigation and counterfeit avoidance, and we are recognized for our award-winning quality and customer service.

CTG is a 10-time Boeing Silver Excellence Performance Award winner and the first distributor to receive CAAP accreditation for counterfeit avoidance.

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