CTG Assists Medical Support Command

The Navy Expeditionary Medical Support Command’s (NEMSCOM) Environmental Control Units (ECUs) reached obsolescence and base operations needed a low-cost solution.

NEMSCOM provides standardized, modular, scalable combat service support and medical capabilities to an advanced base environment across the entire range of joint military operations. Their clinical capabilities include an advanced lab, radiology, pharmacy, blood bank, ICU, acute care services and an operating room.  NEMSCOM also facilitates staff housing, laundry facilities, showers, food service and waste service.

By partnering with CTG as an integrator, NEMSCOM was able to procure 156 ECUs at a lower cost per unit than the 10,000 units originally procured.

CTG partnered with the OEM and NEMSCOM to maintain a continued supply of the ECUs without fielding a reconfigured unit. The obsolete version was replaced with a rugged and reliable 60 kilowatt solution by engineering the obsolescence out of the ECU System. The CTG-ECU-001 maintains form, fit and function while providing high-quality mobile heating, dehumidifying and air-conditioning in the field.

Once the first 72 orders were filled, NEMSCOM ordered 84 more for a total of 156 ECUs that actually delivered at a lower cost per unit than the original procurement. We look forward to more opportunities to assist the support commands.