Tactical Tomahawk C4-I Integration

CTG assists Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD) with Viability Build

The Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control Systems (TTWCS) is getting a performance facelift. The upgrade will modernize the system’s interface in accordance with joint mandates, reducing system complexity in order to improve operator interaction.

The TTWCS is one of three components that make up the Tomahawk Weapons System (TWS) which provides the U.S. Navy with high-volume offensive strike firepower across many classes of combatant ships. It initializes, prepares, and launches Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles, as well as re-targets and monitors missiles in-flight.

The original release of the TTWCS (2004) had a major impact on the TWS. It scaled down the number of equipment racks required on board surface ships, introduced common software for the various Tomahawk-capable platforms and reduced overall reaction and engagement planning timelines. Seventeen years later, the Naval Surface Warfare Center is tasked with enhancing command-and-control interoperability by providing suites of equipment for installation in new ships and retrofitting into existing ships.

Throughout the program, the NSWC PHD will procure more than 420 lines of various materials to produce the TTWCS equipment and has turned to CTG to provide the necessary Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS) items. CTG is serving as a prime contractor on the IDIQ, expected to run through 2021.

The Viability Build will improve Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence (C4I) by:

  • Refreshing hardware and software
  • Installing new human-computer interface
  • Aligning TTWCS with Department of Defense mandates