DMSMS & Obsolescence Management

Have Obsolescence and Readiness Challenges?

Get Visibility of At-Risk Items in Your Inventory

Legacy systems with an estimated 15-20+ year life span have been extended as a result of budget shortfalls in modernization. Because of this, programs are often burdened by hard-to-find parts, long lead times and expensive alternatives.

Leverage our obsolescence expertise. Our diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages (DMSMS) experts will carefully evaluate the parts and material in your inventory against marketplace availability to determine which items are at risk. You’ll have full visibility of part numbers and NSNs that are susceptible to obsolescence. We’ll use this data to help you build a strategy to avoid costly alternatives like additive manufacturing, reverse engineering and engineering change proposals.

Market Research & Mitigation Plans

Take a data-driven approach to mitigate DMSMS challenges. Stay in your current configuration and avoid expensive alternatives. Get out in front of material availability challenges and develop an informed plan to mitigate risk to your cost, schedule and performance.

Hard-to-Find & Obsolete Parts Sourcing

Don’t fall for the common misconception that obsolete, hard-to-find parts are no longer available in the supply chain. CTG has proven this is not the case by sourcing up to 73% of authentic, certified material that was previously considered completely obsolete.

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